Tuesday, January 23, 2007

i found my peace...

It has been a month since i started this blog. Fuh! my new semester seems so busy with lots of assignments. Oh ya, i'm currently studying something related to the media and communication. After 3 semesters, finally i found that i'm still can be considered as scholastic - there's one subject that really needs analytical thinking and pushing to the limits of my logical side. Shocked at first. But i think i'm not gonna fail this paper. Never!
Now i'm in my PUB class with Mdm. Nora. She's a little bit scary when i first met her but now i found that she's a normal 30's women. With a family and work. She's approachable and witty. Although i got tonnes of work for her class, it's okay. Gotta make sure that i can pass.
Above statements might create a sentiment that i'm an over-confident and optimist. Sometimes i'm not. I'm just a man, it just that today i'm feeling so happy and optimist for any challenges upcoming.
Nothing much to update. Just wanna avoid my account from being deleted. Hehe... Hey, i'm a newbie in this blogging thing. Give me some time. Till then, Adios...

Anecdotes: I'm studying broadcasting, publishing, advertising, public relations and journalism.
Now, what do you FOUND me?