Monday, March 5, 2007

Busy ke?

Okay, i know it's been a month since my last post. But i got nothing to apologize for because i'm the only one who stop here! Yeah, i create post for my own reading purpose. Bukan masih tak yakin nak publish kat orang ramai, but it's just my thought about doing blogging for my own personal reason. Memang aku very secretive. Then call me Mat Rahsia!
But this thing is gonna change in the next few days as i already told my mum that i'm a blogger. Yelah, dah anak dia jauh-jauh belajar ni dia pun nak tau juga my condition macam mana. Makan minum, study & rambut yang dah hampir jadi Anuar Zain wannabe ni! My pocket is in a serious condition right now. PTPTN ada dok membazir, tu lah padahnya. Adik-adik yang bakal masuk U nanti, don't follow my steps. Ironically, i won't regret the way i spent my loan. I've managed to buy what i want. BermanJay 2, 4 new clothes, jeans, and the best part is a trip to Genting! I had a blast there! Truly the place where i wanna be. I like the weather, the people, the ambiance, the flower... Everything!
Here's the sneak peak:

"flower power" "happy 3 friends: Ena, Wan, Jay

Seronok tu memang seronok but i'm quite a acrophobic. Gayat siot bila kat tempat tinggi. Takut-takut pun tetap naik corksrew coaster 2 kali. Hehe.. Live life to the fullest!
My fear factor

Everything just happened so fast. Enjoy sakan kat puncak tu sampai tak ingat dunia. malam sempat pula balik Puncak Perdana. Nothing is imposible. hehe...

This week will be the busiest of em' all. 4 tests in a row. High profile interviews plus the usual club thingy. Honestly, my motivation for club's commitment had turned down. Tak tau kenapa but maybe tak serasi lagi with new committee. With my treasurer position, at least i can get rid from that same old biro makanan. Bosan dah. In the next 2 weeks nak kena pergi Melaka pula for my junior's induction day. Dah la peruntukan takde pun masih nak pergi lagi. I'm against the idea actually. Sorry Juan. Tapi kerana semangat masscomm, i turutkan jua.

I have to stop. Pagi nanti ada Publishing test with mdm. Zaiha. Kena study lagi. In the afternoon, ada pula box files checking by Mrs. Raj. Pun tak ready lagi. Gotta spend the whole night completing everything. Tak nak messy. Khamis pula ada interview with Alaf 21 & Friday is the 2nd quiz for economics. Study lagi. So, it's all about makan buku, minum buku, tidur buku. So not me la! But nak buat macam mana lagi. I have to maintain my pointer. Takkan nak biar jatuh. Reputation is a serious deal beb! Every single point counts.

The next post will be my reviews on the interview sessions with my 2 so called idols. Very inspiring men & quite popular as well. Professionals in their own respective fields. Siapa? Tunggu... time is money!!!