Sunday, October 26, 2008

So much for the endearment

I've just finished watching Harry Potter's fifth installment, The Order of the Phoenix. Thanks to Bob for allowing me to "illegally" stealing it from your laptop. Watched it before at the cinema during my Puncak Perdana years. This post will be the "gayest' post i've ever made prior to the image i've seen in the movie just now.

I would like to ask all the guys out there (if you're a girl, imagine being a guy lor), have you ever adores a guy or at least admire the way he brought himself? You're totally in denial if you answered NO but honestly speaking for me it's YES. My housemates also said yes. What's so gay about fascinating someone else's persona even towards a member of the same sex? There's nothing wrong about it ethically. It's only wrong egoistically.

Cedric Diggory, a character who has been put off to the grave from the Harry Potter series is the case subject. He appeared on the fourth movie (Goblet of Fire) but i've just astonishly into him after the Order of the Phoenix whereas his character dictated as "the late". He's dead during battle with Lord Voldemort but that;s another story. I don't know who's the actor that played the character but i don't care much because i admire the character, the late Cedric Diggory! The way he died is so heroic! People of Hogwarts are all talking about his heroic dead and blame the main character, Mr. Harry himself! You can see how Cho Chang grieved over his loss and reminiscence their sweet times together (Cho used to be his date lor). So now, all questions will be clamouring in your head , what so special about that?

I imagine about how good if i were dead, and so much people are mourning my loss. Some people born and died without much to remember. Being a hero, someone who left a significance memory in the hearts of others is the one we should trying to be. I'm looking at the introspection that we should find out the purpose why we were born into this world. To live, study, get married, haviing kids etc.. are the basic ones but we need to find our niche, our forte. Something that we can say our core that we are so passionate and good at. In Mr. Diggory case, he's a bright student and brave enough to dig out his potential to the utmost by entering Triwizard championship. I just didn't care much for his character in the fourth film and now i adoring someone who's dead! Dead is wonderful afterall as depicted by My Chemical Romance, ahakss!

I just felt the need to share this thing. My writing just overflowing with endless admiration and aspiration. I just hope that if i would die someday (someday we're all will) i want to be remembered as someone who.... ehmm, i have no idea. Meaning to say there's still so much to do, to discover my utmost potential. Seriously there are bunch of unfinished businesses that yet for me to accomplish. I ain't over till it's over and when the time has come for me to end my 'battle' in this world, will i be remembered as heroic as Cedric Diggory?

No, i'll be better!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Kala Malam Internet Laju

Yet another Eid Mubarak has gone.. Not a Muslim i am, i'm still went home to Kuching for my Raya holiday - a privillege of being Malaysian (lots & lots of holidays!). One week is just enough for me to wind up & forget all the hassle by which i created them myself (some of em' lor).. when you are growing up, easy things are perceived as the hardest. Non-stop moaning & mumblings..
Quite happy when all my friends near & far were back to their villages for Raya. Even Taufiq also celebrated his Raya with friends in Kedah. Better than just being stucked in Sek 7. Now i'm ready for many challenges ahead; assignments & The Black & White Affair. Just need to focus & keep studying till the 11th hour. 3 weeks left for me to catch up everything before sitting for the final paper. Blogging is one way to escape from mental blocked - which explains why i'm updating something on this blog!
One month to go for the big Day - my convocation. It's scheduled on the 21st November 08. The whole family will be flying here. I'm preparing for their arrival. Gotta check out for hotel, transport & "jalan-jalan" plan. Shopping for convo is also in my to-do list! Look up for slacks, tie & formal wear & maybe shoes as well. Show me the money!
Gotta stop here, jet-lagged & lethargic! Will wake up early to do assignments. Thank God, Dr. Mariah has cancelled her class.. Yours truly is sleepy...ZzZzZ