Saturday, January 17, 2009

the chronicles of awang zachary part 1 - "sirih pulang ke gagang"

My American Dream

5.00 am - 17th January 2009
Reluctantly woke up to the bustling sound of my alarm. To be awaken at 5am is a phenomenal thing to me. Zach is the reason. Fortunately he is flying to the United States of America. The prospect that i know him for the past 4 years keeps me put to stay strong and ready to wave farewell to him. If he's bound to Melaka ke Pahang ke Sabah ke - lama lagi aku nak bangun pagi! Well, we love u Zach..

mamam kt Khalifah

1.00 pm - 17th January 2009
I'm enjoying my roti sardin at Khalifah, PUKOM. Zach is having his roti salad which he shared with Nisa. I told him to eat lots of Malaysian food which he has craving for so long. So happy to see Nisa happy as well - Zach is here once again, safe and sound!

7.00 pm - 17th January 2009
Went to Sri Hartamas with Ema, Wan and Aiman. Still discussing about Zach. Tired of answering the "What happened?" question. Gonna give answer in the next part. For now, Zach is still in Shah Alam je, enjoying the same moonlight with you and me.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Revolutions, Evolutions & Resolutions for 2009

I took a hiatus from blogging for about a month. So many things happened during that period which i rather not state here. Next time maybe :-) Today, 6th of January 2008 is finally i've made up my mind on what are the goals that i want to achieve this year. You see i always get inspired by my dreams which explain why i love to sleep - it's so inspiring!
The main theme for my resolution this year is ENTHUSIASM - somehow, 2008 has been a fruitful one. First, i graduated from diploma, i started my new life as a degree student, rented a house with a bunch of friends, found some new friends & lots more. Nothing much to be proud of but quite enough to sigh a relief and embark on a brand new year.
The only problem is just my interest, my enthusiasm in doing things has by far deteriorated. I don't know why. I can just easily get bored & not anticipating many stuff recently. Luckily I've found a new wisdom to change or at least figure out some ways to bring back the old enthusiastic me! 6 days of reading and thinking has evolved into something that hopefully perishable to achieve.

1) Be frugal (at least in terms of clothing, magazine or food)
2) Read consistently one book a month or more :-)
3) Join a marathon or walkathon, (I've missed Larian SAF last year) - always did before
4) Improve my Mandarin skill
5) Go to watch PGLtheMusical (again!) and watch concert (Jason Mraz maybe)
6) Be more attentive at class and get to know more people at the faculty.
7) Maintain my CGPA
8) Go for a vacation with friends
9) Learn new skills; picking up guitar (long time forgotten), volunteerism etc.
10) To spread the message of Love to the broad group (Love never fails to heal!)

I'm quite certain with the above list. The only thing left to do is to walk the talk. I'll be 22 this year so hopefully i will be able to reach a new level of maturity though i still think i'm young. hehe.. I got my fingers crossed for all resolutions i've made out and may this year will be an eventful yet exciting year to all of us. Yeehaa..

p/s: Gaza Strip is trembling so much to survive.. Let us lift up our hearts for the innocent victims of Israel's claws. Grant the region your PEACE.