Friday, February 13, 2009

i should not blog..

Since the inception of this blog, i know that i will have that little problem called "laziness" to commit myself well at least regularly on this blog. But you know i have 1 million answers to my hiatus - BUZY is the easiest excuse one can always used! The long due post on zachary j. awang should have been published but again laziness prevent me to do so. Luckily that he's always online and i can still get conected to him through Facebook - technology beb! But i promise, i'll update on that soon, let's hope very, very soon.
I woke up at 11, far from the early idea to wake up at 8.. in the morning of Valentine's Day, listening to the splashing sound from the bathroom - it's Hamdan gearing up to meet his loved ones. He's putting a little effort coz it's his first Valentines i guess - so cute! Dress to impress my man! So cute...
As for me, the weather is great! Need to do my laundry, finish my movie review, clean up the messy, fix my laptop, finish 1 book, do the budgeting for my event and the list never ends and you don't wanna know.. it just happened that i'm free to rant on something on this blog today. Cheers!