Wednesday, July 29, 2009

from this moment

Just finished meeting with the AFS Malaysia - our first "big client" for their 22nd world congress. It's amazing to see so many great people, some of them are the "big names" in the industry, being so down-to-earth yet have so much time to involve themselves with NGO on voluntarily basis. Something to learn there. The next 3 months are expected to be real tiring but based on the first client brief, i think i'm gonna enjoy myself working with these people. It will be the first time for me to do the media relations work, not to mention my other priority as the deputy CEO cum secretary. Gotta serve to the fullest since this is my final term here in UiTM.
Am finishing my CV to be sent for the internships. Wish to have a stint with a PR firm to gain as much as i can. Got a few companies on the list, will be sending the CV to all the companies this Friday. Hopefully i can score myself an interview session and got myself into a reputable firm. Just found out a quote from the late Kak Min when she was once walked out of the pitching session, neglecting the client. This is told by Dato Seri Farid Ridzuan (sorry if the initials is incorrect) in one interview i saw on tv.

"rezeki tu datang dari Tuhan, bukan dari klien"

So true.. nothing but true. There's so much more to life than money :-)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

One of A Kind Kak Min a.k.a thestoryteller

I was totally in shocked to hear the news about Kak Min's sudden death.. still i am shocked. She is one director i really adore n idolize much because of her unique storytelling through her art works. Unity is always her favourite subject to be featured in her works and they never failed to entice everyone's hearts.. never.. now that she's gone, we will never again have someone to capture the beautiful of multiculturalism, love, compassion and humanity the way she did.

Through "Rabun" i got to know love is blind,
Through "Sepet" i learnt that imperfection makes you perfect,
Through "Gubra" i know how to reciprocate love coz love heals,
Through "Mukhsin" i agreed that love is all-rounded feeling,
Through "Talentime" - to love is a cure to hatredness..
surely, there's more to learn in "Muallaf"..

Her stories will become her legacy.. a prophecy to be told and shared..
Kak Min, you are truly, One of a Kind

Yasmin Ahmad,1958-2009

Friday, July 24, 2009

so marah and malu

why did the school need to have a break over a minimal flu outbreak? h1n1 is overrated in my place.. Zac gave the best statement to describe this so called global pandemic. not that i'm so eager to come to the class but my energy is pumping up and suddenly, you're trying to stop me. i don't have any proper plan for this h1n1 holiday, meaning to say i'm bored to death! will be watching endless Skins, finishing My Favourite Wife, and savouring the cash i'll be getting next week. too much of English show i'm watching now. UK is totally fucking wicked place to be! this big-fat me needs to stop eating, period.

Monday, July 20, 2009

dan hujan pun turun

Dah dekat 5 tahun belajar kat U entah mengapa present semalam goosebumps wei! I managed to sail thru d 10 mins standing before my fellow classmates. Nasib baik...
Aktiviti terbaik untuk dilakukan ketika hujan turun dengan lebatnya di waktu pagi ialah membongkang! sorry Miss Ida...

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bella yang Hot!

The saga continues with yet another story about this bespectacled boy wizard spoilt fame. Why did i say so? Harry would never survived any obstacle without the protection he got from Dumbledore and his seniors from the Order of The Phoenix. Daniel Radcliffe however is the most ideal manisfestation of Harry Potter.
I came to the cinema with high imagination since i can still recall every bits and pieces from the book number 6 i last read 2 weeks ago. Result: David Yates can do even more... please.
There's nothing wrong with the adaptation but somehow he is trying to make the flick too commercial with all the lovey-dovey bits . Slughorn character should be stronger with the same aura MadEye has given us. Death Eaters cruelty on the Muggle world truly failed to be portrayed with justice since the book explained that the DE has given Muggles a challenging period. Not to mention lots of settings have been changed totally different from the book. Quiditch, funeral, horcruxes...

Finally Draco Malfoy has his own minutes of fame through his character this time and surprisingly Tom Felton performed outstandingly! My favourite character is the maniac witch Bellatrix Lestrange - awesome, brilliant, i-want-u-more!

The Hogwarts kids have all grown ups and the teen angst seems like the main idea of the movie. As a true follower of the series, i feel contented but pity those who have not read the book, they will feel disconnected a bit since the movie is a bit draggy and totally different. Just how much two years can mislead you with the plot.

Overall, it's not gonna beat Transformers as the best summer movie but a must-watch well at least to all Potter frenzies like me and Bobby.

p/s: this review is so like high school.. haha

Thursday, July 16, 2009

ah long hijau

Aku dicekik ah long yang juga berniat menyampaikan mesej-mesej hijau. Janji untuk dilepaskan Jumaat ni...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

bebelan bosan

sekembalinya dari pulau lagenda, poket jadi kering untuk sekian kalinya, berbekalkan rm50 untuk terus bertahan hingga loan masuk. Hairan, batch aku selalu jadi kelompok yang akan lambat masuk duit. Harap-harap tak tertipu dengan janji 16 hb duit masuk.
hikmahnya menjadi broke is that i consume less food (diet konon). Makan tengah hari di Pak Li dengan Ilya n Kak Bibi menjadi satu dosa yang tak disengajakan. Bising-bising pun melayang RM5.
Huh, masih lagi celaru dengan subjek-subjek penggal ni, terlalu banyak research dan case study, belum cerita lagi hal Academic Writing yang membawa title Honours. Kepala diset pada tahap habis skolastik!
Mimpi sekejap, makan bihun instant campur sardin ikan disudahi seteguk Nescafe Instant, aku ready untuk berdepan dunia...

Monday, July 6, 2009

Pasir Cenang

pasir berbisik - sungguh syahdu.. bayu membuai terasa dingin..

indah dunia tanpa syarat-syarat yang membataskan, tanpa suara-suara cercaan,

tanpa undang-undang rigid, tanpa waktu yang sering cemburu!

bawaku jauh-jauh...

Sunday, July 5, 2009

shenanigans on diet!

i'm back after been incommunicado for almost 2 months. i'm totally geared up to start a fresh new semester! instead of attending the class, i'm extending the holiday for another one week for the so-called "summer vacation". heading somewhere to the north, to the ideal seaside. Let's pray for a safe trip to and fro... the much needed escapade is totally unplanned. thanx to Lah for the crazy idea :-) it's good to jump to the water without knowing how deep it is once in a while.. looking forward for an awesome adventure! Oh, ya... and i miss you so... a lot!