Sunday, August 30, 2009

aura kamu

i don't need to look straight to your face to feel it.. in fact, i don't even stare at you, you were at the back, sleeping heavenly with blistering snores ever.. creating a nonchalant tension in the atmosphere.. don't you wake up, sleep tight, i'll take care of you.. even when the world goes cramped..

Thursday, August 27, 2009

ada aku kisah / do i really care

I don't care what the people say,
They probably lonely anyway,
Baby don't fill up your head with he said, she said...

by John Legend

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Moving Sunday

Woke up around 11.30 am, way off from the early target of 9am.. but to hell with with it. It's Sunday anyways.. straightly laid my hands on the book i bought yesterday, reading it until it's 2.00 pm and rushed to shower. It's must-do, even without a date or appointment. Just can't live without showering. Resumed my reading until i realized it's 5.30 pm and house buddies went to bazaar Ramadhan. I fell asleep instead and not joining them. Fortunately, kak Alin was also happened to oversleep! Then i got a friend for dinner.. Had Mi Goreng for me, Bihun Tomyam for Alin.

Loads of work to do back home, finished everything by 1 am, will continue with studying for 3 hours for third language after this. Damn tired, but really thanked the great energy i've gotten from the book and the people i've met. Korang memang rock!

Monday blues akan bermula.. energy setakat ini okay saja.. my rusty brain still works, don't worry k..

Friday, August 21, 2009

oh, leganya

Sudah cukup dengan bebelan dan sumpah seranah di minggu yang sudah. Menipulah kalau cakap hati dah lega maksima tapi bolehlah, forgiven. Patutnya kumpul tenaga untuk banyak lagi kerja-kerja bertangguh yang perlu konsentrasi jitu. Belum lagi cerita pasal thesis yang tak tersentuh langsung! Semua ini dugaan dan aku cuma perlu anjak ke gear seterusnya untuk mara. Undur nyata langkah enteng semata. Ini janji untuk dilunas minggu depan..

1. untuk mempersiap thesis
2. untuk re-do CV (hampeh bangat)
3. tukar playlist yang dah basi
4. pulangkan buku MBSA
5. baca semua buku dan artikel (yang ini aku suka)
6. fokus pada kuiz dan kerja sekolah (tak suka nan terpaksa)

Terima kasih buat my muse yang kasi perangsang dalam luar. Tabik berganda memang tak memadai jika diukur dengan chi yang kau beri. Mungkin kita perlu jumpa lebih kerap berkopi-kopian dan aku cuma perlu duduk diam, serap senyap-senyap tenaga kau. Ok tak?

Kau tahu aku sayang kau,


Monday, August 17, 2009

tapi bukan aku

Maaf kiranya aku yang kini bukan aku yang dulu,
Segala uja dan ghairah akan hidup tukar jadi tak endah,
Pada dia aku beri segala tumpu, hanya untuk dibambu!

Ada kala aku terdiam membisu, dalam hati tak siapa tahu,
Airmata mengalir tiada, mujur ada teman setia,
Mengeluh bersama, mengumpat bersama, menyumpah seia!

Hajatmu ingin ku bantu, tapi angkuhmu ibarat ratu,
Madah kau luah sakitnya telinga, meski senyummu lekang bermakna,

Kenapa aku masih di sini, menabur budi tiada henti,
Meskipun bakti sering dikeji,
Akan ku terus membukti diri!

p/s: ini bait-bait curhat ikhlas dalam seminit yang ciput. laju saja ayat dikarang, bukti rasa dan jiwa memang tulus nak meluah!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Expect-the-unexpected - the Dream Team

The last time i did sports was in part 3 for petanque. I don't see myself as a sporty person but still i do believe that i have a good flair in tactical games that require focus. This semester i joined Sukan Antara Fakulti 2009, representing my faculty in Lawn Ball! I acted as the lead and frankly speaking, i'm proud and contented with the way i played. Due to the fact that we are the "annual" team which only can be seen once a year in action, but actually Me, Lah, Hamdan and Bobby gave a kicked-ass performance. Expect-the-unexpected is truly a definite word to describe out team.

The game was played in a league system whereby we were put under team D along with Pharmacy, Medic and Chemical Engineering. Guess what? We merged as the group the champion, beating all the team! That means, we would play in the quarter final against Computer Science.

On a bright Sunday morning, we managed to defeat Computer Science in a very stiff game. Can't describe the feeling, it was great and from there on, all i want to do is to give my best and having fun on the ring.

Beating Computer Science brought us to the semi final to secure ourselves in a top 2 spots. Unfortunately, we lost this time to Civil Engineering nothing much to our surprise because both teams played indeed well and we lost by a mere point. Couldn't believe that we managed to give them a good kick!

The game goes on to the final round, the dream for medal is still on for the 3rd place and 4rd place. Law is the team to beat. We played syncfully and finally ended with a winning point of 11-8 beating Law. We are officially the 2nd runner-up! FKPM's girls team also did well, winning 1st runner-up. The moment of glory came when it comes to the announcement of the winner, camp Masscomm was shouting out and loud when both boys and girls team went up to receive the "humble" prizes from the Student Affair Department.

But the real highlinght to me is not the prize, let alone medal since we didn't get any. The best part was the last moment i made a throw aiming at the "Jack" - for that was the last time for me to play lawn ball for the faculty. After 5 wonderful years as a Masscomm student - This Is It, a truly finite moment after a spectacular show shown by us. Therein lies the true camaraderie, kinship, brotherhood and what not; experienced by Me, Lah, Hamdan and Bob. The experience was beyond sportmanship and achieving goal. Something that i will treasure for the rest of my life. Really grateful for them for the great show - the show that we play, the show that we win. I was once there and no one can take it from me.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

10 kali *wink*

tonnes of works piling up, countless sleepless nights, bad notions come and go..

BUT you are just so beautifully right there..

nothing much but i just love it..

you've made my day..

promise me that you'll stay..


to: the mistake that have made me smile..

Sunday, August 2, 2009

mistake not worth fighting

to you know who you are,

Let's stop this and call it to the truce. Sorry for the stupid mistake i've made.. Pleaded guilty

sorry eak :-(

Saturday, August 1, 2009

09 best love flick!

Aku bukanlah berjiwa romantik sangat but seriously this movie finally ignited the love in me! haha.. Simple plot, simple script weren't a big problem if you put outstanding actors like Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. They are trully funny at their own class! Still, my favourite love flick is The Holiday back in 2006 but let's not to compare these two movies. Maybe because it was a long long wait after Bullock's last appearance on silver screen. We truly love her in actions. No spoiler this time and definitely a brilliant movie choice for your other-half. Just wondering why Miss Bullock is still unmarried after countless of wedding scene? Tiada perasaan langsung!