Monday, November 30, 2009

dream of an amazing year out

I went to another interview last week. Impressive for me to attend 2 interviews in a week and guess what? I got selected! My training is suppose to start today but i decline though since i was only underwent the interview for the sake of accompanying Cacak - yep, he got shortlisted as well and went there he did. I can't afford to come to the training since it starts as 6 pm and it's too far from Shah Alam. Better not than to regret then. Good Luck to Cacak!

This is another never ending dilemma of yours truly. No answer from any company until now, no i'm not devastated yet, in fact i'm so enjoying the holiday by doing nothing and waking up late every each day but i guess i'm ready to embark on a new journey. Here are the list of organizations that i've had approached:

GAB, Annexe CM, KLPAC, Sime Darby Property, X2, Foetus International, TNB, World Comm, Galeri Petronas, DIGI, Reputation Mercatus, Go Communications, Perception Management, Sarawak Tourism.

I truly appreciate those who replied even if it's a decline, well at least they let me know. My second plan is to take a semester off (or a gap year) and working part time anywhere, only to resume with my internship the next semester. The downside as they say, i can't grad with my batch but there's nothing much about graduation other than the long waiting and looking at current situation, convocation might be an unpleasant experience for parents, pity them. But this is another random thought of mine so i haven't decided yet. There's so much energy i have now so future employer, you better check me out!

what to do to fill my GAP YEAR
work part time, continue volunteer work, participate more in civil movement, read more history book, lose weight (i know & you know), improve writing skills, revamp image (if i were to pursue PR lah), apply for overseas internship (haha), and reconnect with my Sarawakian roots (neglected them over the years), and the foremost thing is to - FINDING MY WAY.

Been lost for quite some time. Lead a very relax life but where am i heading to actually? I have to wake up from this dream and reposition everything well at least into something similar to a plan. A gap year wouldn't be a waste if i'm gonna use it to the utmost so i hope to wake up to a newfound wisdom. hehe..

p/s: watched New Moon last Thursday - first day of screening! So much of being taksub - Na, i don't even read the book but the second installment was great in terms o acting. Each character went very deep although i hate Bella for she can't get over Jacob but Kirsten Stewart is my favourite actress for her excellent portrayal! Ed Cullen is still world's favourite vampire and he just single-handedly enthralled the ever-smitten girls crowd (and some guys, oopps!). Dakota Fanning as Jane had so much persona even though she appeared in mere seconds.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

One of many Hopefuls

Life seems pretty boring lately. Status: waiting for my passing for practical training. I bumped into this job ads on Facebook on Saturday from let's say XX company. I've been a regular customer to this joint and kinda like admire the work concept, from attire (yes, they have uniform), flexibility hours and much more. Randomness in my head said i need to go and suddenly i'm there already waiting for the interviewer to interview me. Well, the most interesting part was my interview. The questions asked were so like KBKK, you know, when i was a primary school kid they have this thing which stands for Kemahiran Berfikir Secara Kritikal dan Kritis. They gave me a situation and find a solution to it. Really enjoy it and i wasn't nervous at all! In fact i'm the one who's in control and somehow overshadowed the interviewer. Hehe..

Among the questions:

1) If you were in an uptight negative situation, what would you do?*
2) Share with me your latest accomplishment.*
3) How do you measure your pride in doing works?*
4) Most important quality that you desire at workplace?*
5) How flexible are you in multitasking? (boring)
6) How do you see the importance of CSR activities for the company. Suggest one CSR activity suitable for the company. *

questions with * sign are my favourites!

I was trying hard not to look cocky since lots of first encounters said the same thing bout me. I did jokes about it saying don't judge a book by its cover and show my hygienic side by showing my newly kept fingernails. Well, the manager said she will contact me in a week so i hope they will evaluate me well. I should have speak Malay a bit since the other crew were babbling behind me (like i didn't hear it) whether i can speak Malay or not. Fret not, i speak better dialects than most Malays. hehe..

I'm yet to reveal the company i applied for but if i were to work there, i will start to think about taking a gap year. A big decision in a long time. Will share more later. Next post would be about GAP YEAR.

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Yours truly is still stuck here in Shah Alam, yes, a place where people come to die. Na, it is not that bad, in fact the shitty cold weather helps a lot for creamy dreamy sleep. Reminiscing on my hectic schedule last week, i'm so thankful of this reclusive treat.
Internship - still no progress. I don't know why. I couldn't care less with it. Same goes with few mates. Wasting my time with Ugly Betty and long-forgotten movies in the midst of torrential showers outside - sweet!
I'm thinking of starting something new, doing it without a care. Too much thinking i guess..

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Finally able to catch a breather after many sleepless nights and broken pencils! Yours truly was so damn busy with many commitments and still he is. But enough grinding. Will spill some for you later. In a month, i mean mid December, i'm suppose to start my internship, the major problem now is that i don't get my placement yet. Attended one interview but declined, application after application yet still no reply. I don't really bother where to intern, just need a place to go. Would you care to help? At least with some contacts? I'm a PR student anyway. Thank you very much.