Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Season to be Jolly

EMO - one and one thing i can say about my previous posts. After reading it thoroughly, yes i realized that i've been quite an emotional bollock lately. I'm not the kind of person who does proof reading, at least not for my blog. So you can't expect me to check my body copy of writing. I write and write and i'm out. Reading my own post is so not me, MALAS. Not that i'm ashamed of being emo but TAK SANGKA wei.. hahahahahaha..
Being my jovial self for most of the time i understand just how fragile my soul really is. Intimidating, muka ketat, muka gangster, kerek, confident and so on (mostly negatively macho connotations) have been used towards me but looks can be deceiving at times dear, i do broke down at times ( but i don't shed a tear). My seasonal emo under the theme "internship" is actually almost settle anyway, aku yang menggelabah sebenarnya. Some of my friends also haven't confirmed their internship yet, so i'm not the only one in this case. Suddenly there are too many offers. Good things come when you most not expecting it. But let's just put the internship thing aside for now. I'm in good hands that's for sure.

The main highlight of the night is the Christmas season! As usual, i'll be home to be with my dearest family this time. Most of my friends have already started their internship stint at their respective organizations. All the best! and yes, i miss them so very much! I'm in the mission to fulfill my wish list, only one left unfulfilled. Still got time ah? Will post more in Kuching and i wish to write more since the mood is right on sky high. Reunion, rekindle, gathering.. here i come..

p/s:And they say they know all about me but actually nobody really knows.. if you want to know, then ask la..