Friday, January 29, 2010

Sweet Child of Mine

I was at the immigration department, Shah Alam where the following conversations took place:

A: Darling, I dah penat dah tunggu. Berapa lama lagi kena tunggu ni?
(Darling, I’m tired of waiting. How long do we need to wait?)
B: Kita terus pergi breakfast lepas ni ye baby? Baby mesti tengah lapar ni.
(We go straight to breakfast after this ok baby? You must be really hungry)

Ok, let’s just assume A is a guy and B is a lady. I’m quite sure A is a fresh grad just stepping into his first job. Overtly clean cut with few acne scars on his face indicating post-puberty hormonal change. The closest resemblance of him would be the infamous ex-political aide, Saif*l B*khari Azl*n – yes, the cute boy whom in full faith and confidence declared on national TV of being gay-fucked by his former orientation-curious boss.

B on the other hand looks convincingly like your generally depicted flamboyant “makcik”-next-door minus the stones and the bling-bling she struts with pride. Imagine Tina Turner clad in glittering Kebaya. Strangers like me could not help but to glare in astonishment witnessing her unique sense of style.

The human in me could never avoid the tendency of creating pre-conceived notions for almost everything. Fishy conversations above made my eyelids failed to remain closed but to stay wide open along with subtle grin. Luckily everybody was busy with their many businesses and could not care less on what’s happening around. Or I’m the only one in the crowd with the least number of exposures to cougar’s love? Well, at least these two lovebirds provide me some free entertainment since book could possibly make me turn sleepy. The romantic scene continued with lots of patting, hair brushing and needless pouts been exposed although no X-rated action been demonstrated.

Before I forget, they need passports to gain access to their ultimate dream holiday, Bali. They were only few minutes away towards claiming their passport to the sandy beaches of Bali when I had to make a move to collect my passport. No, I’m not going for a holiday anywhere at least for now but I do wish to someday go for one with my cougar’s crush.

Monday, January 25, 2010

task driven all rounded

People say working life would be totally different than study life. Adjusting oneself to let go the used to be gay and carefree life. No, this is not another emo, sighing, complaining notes but just a reflection after a month at work. Being a PR is not an easy stuff to do but luckily i'm enjoying most of my time at Pharmaniaga. Much of the time i don't have any task to do and i'm longing for one but most importantly, i feel at ease now if compared to my heydays.

I never thought that i could blend well in environment dominated by seniors people where all of them are married. Who says one can't stay crazy even after jump into a wedlock. We always have the unlimited supply of dirty jokes, i find them quite amusing rather than annoying. The best part is tomorrow is the payday!

I'm eyeing the chance to pursue my dream to another level. I'm not gonna reveal the gist anytime soon but i feel it's he time for me to start making the much needed change. In 22 years of my life, i never did anything too much to be proud of or am i just being too humble. Success for me is self-explanatory and i'm eager to be more than what i think i could be. Now, i need to write an essay and i should get rid of this tiredness in order to start. Move on Jay, move on.

p/s: i like this word.. "u buat i jadi gila dan bodoh tapi i suka!"

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy Meals

Farewell the old grey life of mine! Finally after the long sombre and vents, yup, about that scary (used to be) 10 letter word - Internship, i'm here in Pharmaniaga as intern!
So thankful to those people on top who have cracked their heads to finally be in unison to accept weird creature like me as intern. I guess that i came at the right time since the Corp Comm Division (CCD) needs more manpower to kickstart the 2010 calendar. Guess what, there are only 6 people in my division! Daily PR routine such as news monitoring has become a staple and i'm still learning though most of the works are still clerical work but no complain i am. At least i'm seated at a right position to grow and learn from the well-versed UEM fraternity.
It's friday - time flies in a wink. I know life will turn more hectic in weeks to come and i'm up for it. Oh ya, i also bought a scooter from online shop for me to use to work. Clocked in at 8.30am - clocked out at 5.30pm, nothing could be more convenient than that. One and only one thing that i need to do now is to loosen up a bit coz i can be pretty uptight and i believe my colleagues can sense that weirdness and akwardness in the air.. sorry, my bad. Hopefully the newbie syndrome will be gone and i'm looking forward for an exciting joyride with Pharmaniaga.

p/s: New Year comes with an uninvited surprise, the "Allah" issue turns chaotic and i don't know why some Malaysians are so shallow in their thinking. It's well understood that "Allah" created all creatures kan? And He doesn't want us to gadoh under His name.. i don't have much to say otherwise i'm gonna get caught. Hello, even ex-mufti also get caught preaching! Quo Vadis Malaysia?