Tuesday, February 23, 2010

misinterpretet profession

The early mental image I pre-conceived prior to joining PB was your ordinary hectic, uptight and generic equipped with sensible amount of stress. What I discovered after almost two months here was totally against that original ideas and I’m constantly wrong. My corporate comm colleagues are totally hilarious bunch of people! Not a day gone without dirty jokes and cheesy anecdotes. With such environment, I find it hard to imagine what’s next for me after PB? On normal days, these usually happen;

One of the scopes covered by CCD is to manning the sponsorships request. We usually deal with health related organization requesting for aids for their projects like “bakti siswa”. Some asking for money, some do asking for products. Approval and disapproval are our daily thingy. For the unrelated sponsorship I would file under file named 3D which means Duduk Diam-Diam – specially for those declined requests. Hehe..

Do not accept callers who claimed the line was engaged; instead tell them we’re all married.

Sometimes, I do admit our office can be too quiet but instead of the ambience bored us into death or turning us into zombie (at least zombie is fascinating), the random stillness makes us hornie.

Living in multicultural Malaysia gives us hefty amount of holidays. With no regard to our personal beliefs, we are encouraged to change our race and religion to get more days off. For instance, I’m taking extra Deepavaali break. No, I;m not Indian and Loganathan gets a week CNY holiday while Tan only got 5 days. I’ll become Malay in September.

Alarm / Reminder
We love holidays, who doesn’t? But to wish “have a good weekend, see you next week’ in the mid day of Wednesday does sounds weird, and it comes along with sweet sound of yawning. Weekend please don’t be late.

Corporate comm. is a strategic division game up to provide strategic communication support for the company to appear in favourable image before our external audiences. All utterances, nuances, images must be well communicated to secure & maintain good brand image. But instead we answer all the incoming call with “Keparat Comm, good morning”.

Being a pharmaceutical giant, we produced generic drugs for our business customers. I haven’t discovered the production site of it but I do believe some industrial waste disseminated through airborne hence explaining the brouhaha or “ting-tongness” we endeavoured in office.

Nevertheless, we always have plenty of room for love, never deprived of love every single day. From the boldest confession of a promiscuous wife, to the hopelessly devoted agape lover, we are bound for another love epic in the making. Love conquers all?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

that's my lunch - entree

This writing is dedicated to that being – I was smitten by you

I never thought I need more love,
For I always in denial, always in bluff,
The ego of the brotherhood makes my heart in plough,
Let it all out, I’ve had enough,
Truth is told, though rough and tough,
Now I’m a man, with all that stuff!

You grin, you laugh, you give me power,
I blink, I blush, well those my majors,
Wish I could cut and paste every minute every hour,
The general’s daughter is the one to shower,
With love and flower i swear won’t sour,

But maybe any day,
I’ll come bended on my knee, won’t let you dismay,
That’s to solemnize when the green lights say,
Wish the whole world come in unison to pray,
As we meet, we commit, for so many years to stay,
Love be bigger than hate, that’s the way...

My sincerest, honest, frivolous dedication of my strange feeling for you. Lame? I don’t know but I don’t care..