Friday, May 14, 2010

A Quickie

Ok, how should i start? Just to make it perfectly clear, this post is only for the sake of updating and i need a good reason to talk to my keypad.

1) I finished my 4 months internship & completed my final assignment even though deadline breached!

2) I'm officially working now - back to my old office, yeay! no more demure, passive intern.

3) I'm moving out to a new place, an apartment to be exact not anywhere out of Shah Alam - it's the place to be.

4) Was back in my home sweet home (Kuching) for a week to seek blessings from parents and fulfilled my wanderlust after hard days at work. Also met my long lost bestie Seng after 5 years of incommunicado! We'll make a point to poke each other oftenly on FB.

5) Found a new spot for savouring my crave for nasi lemak! It's Pak Hasan's at Kampung Baru, KL - too bad, he only opens in the morning, but i tell you it's worth waking up for.

6)After being back for two weeks to Shah Alam, my parents are coming to KL. Though Apak & Mami coming not in the same trip, a short meet up will do! Spend a night in KL with Mami last night and of course free dinner!

7) Financial prudence - is the way forward for me. From now on, i'm financially independent. No more asking for money or monthly allowance from parents or otherwise i'll get curse! Start planning for future and work hard for the money!

8) I miss Nazirah Ashari like a lot! In spite of that, i'm happy that she's finally in LA. She'll be good, i know:))

9) Change in my diet plan - good thing about working in pharmaceutical industry is that lots of free health screening! All in all, I've underwent 3 medical screening in my 5 months there! Surprisingly, I was passed with a clean bill of health, with ideal weight of 79kg (almost borderline la). I need to lose 11 kg and i think the next mission to trim my waistline. Downsize 2 or 3 inches is the way to go!

10) That's all. Glad to be alive! Amen!