Sunday, June 6, 2010

Off-The-Edge June 2010

Yuna Zarai - finally she is featured in a most deserving manner in my most coveted Malaysia-SoPo-lifestyle magazine, Off The Edge, June 2010! Her entrance into the Malaysian art scene was groundbreaking. I remember been introduced to her stuff by my confidante, Nazirah back in 2007 - I was awestruck at the very first sight. The soul she sewn through her lyrics was brilliant, not to mention her sultry, timbre voice is definitely of a different league in comparison to other local female acts.

And what's the fuss with this one-time feature? As an avid reader of Off The Edge, being a true observant of everything SoPo in Malaysia, Off The Edge is a real deal. No other magazines in Malaysia could write sophisticated, bold and cutting edge stories like OTE. It gave me uh-ah moment - sense of enlightenment, true mental orgasm! I spotted Yuna in some sappy magazines - true indication on how sad Malaysian entertainment scene is (I'm sure she's just pleasing those media, but please la). But OTE is a real deal, just like Yuna, A Real Deal!

While some of the fans here were hitched by "Dan Sebenarnya" - a track undeniably easy on ears but the most bland track in her collections (in my opinion), I can simply be proud for following her stuff since day one. I think I can just bear with her even if she doesn't have a studio recorded EP or still being reclusive in her room (that's how she started) recording songs. But a true gem like Yuna deserves better recognition than just gossip magazines. Her existence is more than just serenading the crowds and making handsome cash. She sends a strong message that in the current depressing state of art scene in Malaysia, in the end only true form of self-expression, of its highest honesty will prevail. For once, Malaysian music has its own ambassador.

p/s: image taken from thedgemalaysia website. no copyright infringement intended.

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