Tuesday, June 28, 2011

indefinite hiatus

Like seriously? How fast time flies! It has been a year since my last update but am non apologetic since yours truly has never been in a serious commitment with this blog. Haha..

My hands are itchy to splurge on words tonight. Many things had happened throughout my idle being. Winning streaks, broken pencils, reacquainted, love, and all sorts of experiences that comes with life.

I recently switched job after serving for over a year with Malaysia's Number One Integrated Healthcare Provider. Currently employed with Malaysia's Overall Best Employer 2010 - go figure! Am truly blessed with this opportunity which leads to a new set of responsibilities and knowledge. Am excited to see the birth of my new "baby" soon and currently so busy anticipating my project to kicks off!

Am finally saying goodbye to the ever wonderful city of Shah Alam after good 6 years full of learning and adventures. This transition though a tad hard, is deemed as necessary given my new office is located in KL CBD, The Gardens, Mid Valley City that is. Kelana Jaya will be my new base for now and my new home is only a walking distance to KJ's LRT line! It will only cost me RM 2.80 to & fro MV.

With the current high end project I involved in, things are really moving now and there is never a dull moment in the office. Everyday lies a new set of challenges and learning opportunities. Am thankful for everyone who is significant in supporting me to embrace this transition period. You are my catalyst! You know who you are :-)

Everything you know, is just a drop in the ocean - Kak Min
Don't be afraid to screw up, the world is screwed up already - Anonymous boss

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