Wednesday, January 11, 2012

hope comes last

Little did i know i could this delicate & fragile. My emotions running low, being temperance for quite a while. Not a wanderlust could cure this bitterness. I'm just sicked & tired with all the nonsense engulfing this pathetic days of mine. Gosh, can't believe all these come from me!

I can swear & curse like nobody's business. To hell with image & reputation, too much of formalities my life can handle

There's a stumbling block on my journey, a big one. Never ever estimate how far i would go just to end this pain. Call me delusional of grandeur, call me loser, call me lonely cos yes those are all mine. Your jinx & curse that I will allow at all cost, if that makes you happy.

Actions are meant to be taken. Beyond words and sayings. I'm gonna start now, not that i never tried... impulsive? I know..

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