Monday, April 9, 2012

pure relief

Finally, a solution to my career at crossroads.. is to quit!

Yeah, I submitted my resignation about a month ago and now officially jobless. Nope, this is not impulsive of mine but a final say after rounds of good mull over and deliberation (mind map included!).

Not in hurry to find myself a new employer since my investment has ripen and God willing, I shall keep the peace in mind at least for a year. It pays to be prudence!

I don't have any plans in mind, just to laze around and do fun stuff. Most importantly to involve in democratic process for the upcoming GE13. Bersih 3.0 is staging another peaceful assembly scheduled on 28 Apr, which is to me a mere nuisance though i strongly believe and support in their cause. I might consider joining but not in KL, Penang maybe.. yes a short excursion up north!

Nevertheless, being the typical restless Jay, I went for job interview last week with a reputed organisation. Whatever impression they had in me, i do not care but i do appreciate their time, to say the least. God and the universe have been magnificently nice to us despite mere mortal in me could be ungrateful at times. Pardon me.

Well, fingers crossed to the future!

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