Saturday, April 14, 2012

tsunami alert aftermath

It feels great to have a mid-week break as it was last Wednesday for the installation of the new Agong. Well, the main news item that day was not that historical event as it was sidelined by the tsunami alert news following the 8.9 earthquake recorded in Acheh around 4.40 pm local time. Tremours were felt at the stretch of the Indian Ocean, the Andaman and of course at our shores as observed in Penang, Perak as well as in the Klang Valley.

I wasn't aware of any signs of tremour as I was sleeping so heavenly in my bedroom during the incident. It's public holiday, mind you! Later, I was informed by some friends that they did noticed of the earthquake and these are apartment-residents friends of mine. This earthquake was later followed by a tsunami alert which was lifted later at night due to no consequential earthquake. God still loves us.. Of course He does..

Earlier that day, I went to Sungai Buloh for lunch appointment with a friend to my ex-boss's house. This is one tender moment when your ex-boss whom you've once respected, scared of, looked up to and learned a lot from is still pretty much fond of you and your relationship transcends beyond office space. I really learnt a lot under her tutelage. She is instrumental in my breakthrough into PR & communications world and assisted me to start at the right footing during my early years in the industry. Even until today, I will always seek for her best advice not just for PR-related stuff but also other things. Thankful for having such a nice, nurturing boss. I have no second thought towards the opportunity to work with her again. Did I tell you that she's also a fantastic cook? Her forte is in traditional Malay cooking and her masak lemak is a complete hands-down! Compliment from a picky-eater like me. But the highlight of the lunch was rendang itik - cooked to perfection with succulent and juicy meat, you can feel the love at each bite! Just be tender..

Went to Puchong, catching up with friends over swimming and the usual makan2 session. I was actually distracted by something earlier and it stills engulfing me at night but at least now I'm all neutral. I think I just need to be more forgiving. Anyways, got to be back at reading important notes. This is just one rare occasion when I feel the need to exercise my numb fingers over keyboard.

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