Wednesday, July 4, 2012

cause we can only hope

My close acquaintances will know that i've been single for the longest time ever (relationship wise). And I don't even bother to discuss or give a good visit into changing the status from single to attached or whatever you call it. It doesn't mean I'm an angel with no lust for love but I strongly believe my love life serves no significance to the rest of the world. The renegade in me will always think that being attached is just too 'mainstream'. I'm the polar opposite of anything conservative. Haha..

Even without that significant other, I've fared quite well in terms of work, study and basically life. I don't feel any less of love, in fact there are aplenty to have and to share, be it with my family, friends and the world. My simplistic view of life and love always being sneered by sarcastic lot but I was just being honest. If it's not for love then I won't be able to achieve and accomplish many things in life.

I remember the last time I was attached to someone whom I called special, I was 19 then. It only lasted for 3 months, therefore it's not worth mentioning much to my annoyance, far from memorable. I couldn't stand the wishful agenda of being overtly romantic hence the reason I asked will things go the same if we go steady? I finally decided to call it off. I was rather thankful than sad. I was finally single by choice and I have learned not to be in a relationship just because you think it's ideal or i feels like a right thing to do. I was able to get my studies back on track and completely relief.

Being single has taught me to be more independent in making judgements and decisions for myself. I've made a pact with myself not to beg or desperately looking for the one for it will eventually come to you the least you expect. At this very moment of writing who would've thought that I'll be once again bitten by the love bug! This person is my greatest muse for the time being, giving me hard time to churn out excuses not going out for date, and the reason that I'm back writing!

Nothing is official for now as we're taking our sweet time to enjoy things the way they are. Or need I say I don't want to break your heart too soon? I've been blessed with a blissful life all this while and thing like this would take extra amount of time before we finally can decide to commit to each other or   take it as a fly by. I have no expectations to say the least, but just a guarantee that I'll always be here whenever you need me, The same rule applies to all.. families, friends, office mates, neighbours etc.. Oh ya, we're still on first name basis.. :)

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